Our Mission Statement

The Saint John Vianney Academy is a classical educational program for grades Pre-K thru 12, founded by lay Catholics to assist families in their fulfillment of their primary responsibility for educating their children. We seek to form students in faith, reason, and virtue through a classical education as the truths of our Holy Catholic Church are shared with young souls.

The mission of Saint John Vianney Academy is to foster within the students growth in the theological, intellectual, and moral virtues. Our goal is to support parents as the primary and principal educators of their children. St. John Vianney Academy is a hybrid homeschooling program; professional teachers partner with committed parents to provide an excellent education.

St. John Vianney Academy is not a school—it is a lived, learning program. The Catholic Christian worldview permeates every aspect of the program, where both teaching and learning include the eternal verities of goodness, truth and beauty as part of the curriculum.

Students spend two days per week on campus (T/TH), receiving professional instruction in all core subjects and fine arts. The other days of the week, students study at home under the supervision of a parent, using the St. John Vianney Academy created syllabus as a guide.